Starseed World-Grid
Map of Light

Click map to see who is linked up and place your own entry.
Self-help instructions below.

Web of Light

Here is a World Map for Light-workers, Starseeds, Healers, etc. t
o enable you to link-up with people in your region or to find people or a project in another part of the world.
This is a free service for all who recognise themselves as spirit-beings and part of
an emerging Web of Light co-creating the New Earth.

You can add your own marker and a short description of what you do, or what you are looking for and your website or contact details. You can edit or remove your entry
at any time.



Click on 'Additions' then 'Add marker detailed'
Insert name, city and post code (select you own location)
Choose a marker (only the sunflower or candle work as objects - the rest are plain colours)
Click on 'Details' and enter your description, website (in the bottom box) and/or email if you so choose.
Click on 'Media' to add a picture. (self portrait is best - so people can see who you are)
Click on 'Submit' - and you're done!
[Don't click on 'Reset' unless you want to start again!]

To delete your entry there is a tab at the bottom
when your details are open to edit


As the map admin I reserve to right to delete or edit any entry which I feel needs this in order
to improve and maintain the purpose of lighting up the world. I will always contact the person about any changes I make and why (if they have added a correct email or
website with a contact link). 


Blissings to you all - see you on the map!