You may have noticed pictures such as the one below which depict beings in ariel vehicles, clouds, dark and light balls in the sky etc. Well there are a lot of them.
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this and be prepared to be surprised.

What are the disc shaped objects in the sky?
Notice that the discs are not falling to the ground, but extend right into the distance...

And who are the couple within the ring above the large disc?


There are MANY books, DVD’s, speakers and workshops these days on how to change your life by changing your thinking. Actually, most of the ideas have been around for centuries and were taught in ancient mystery schools, kept secret (sacred) and metered out to the masses as and when they were deemed ‘ready’ to ‘hear’ to receive them. For example: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Seeds scattered on stony soil.... Reaping what you sow....

As more and more people wake up to their spiritual selves, it is like lights coming on. From above, if you were in a UFO for example, and had the ‘eyes to see’, you might be able to see these lights like fairy lights popping on all over the world. Where these lights are in higher numbers might be very attractive to higher dimensional beings.

Hence the exponential increase in UFO sightings, now in armadas, above Mexico and Peru, massive size UFO’s above USA (of course!:-) and now increased activity in UK. Brits are waking up at last! (Maybe the crop circles have helped!)


The “seals” written about in Revelation are symbolic of both levels of consciousness and of ACTUAL EVENTS on earth, some of which have happened, and some of which are about to happen. They were written (channelled if you like) to warn those with eyes to see and ears to hear, (in other words an open heart and mind), that things will not always be as they have been. That disasters of various kinds are on their way (happening now actually) and that we must WATCH.

 What could we watch? Since the Biblical record refers often to beings descending from HEAVEN, it makes sense to look in that direction. i.e. skywards. And what will we see apart from birds, balloons, Chinese lanterns, microlights, satellites and airplanes? Might I suggest “Angels”, "Chariots of fire" i.e. (UFO’s or ships ) housing beings who have in the past ‘descended’ and been described as ‘angels’.

We are now each one, making apparent choices, which we already made before. We know which way we are going. We know whose team we are ultimately playing in.

THAT we must choose - to be followers either of darkness and the fallen angels or of light and the angels above - is beyond question. If we are sitting on the fence, or are apathetic, things will get increasingly uncomfortable. There is a cut off time by which we must choose, and before we totally wreck this planet intervention WILL occur.

From now on, for the next few years, it will get increasingly tough. The controller just switched the programme from “beginner” to “expert”. Listen to you heart. Watch. Be still. Feel. Don’t worry. (Fear not) Find your spiritual brothers and sisters. Be guided as to where you need to be and prepare yourself as you feel is appropriate for YOU. For now – go well – stay well.


UFO Amarda filmed over Guadaljara 2004

"The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands multiplied: the Lord was among them at Sinai, in the [heavenly] Temple/Sanctuary." Psalm 68:17