We are either here by intention or by chance.

It can't be both, or a bit of each, can it? That's a serious question, not a statement.

The theory of evolution says we are here by chance. Pure luck that the

planets etc. all in their relative positions and sizes and materials have by chance

and natural selection over billions of years, given rise to us - human kind.

And some call us the pinnacle of creation. (That would be "the pinnacle of

chance" for the evolutionists btw.)

Most religions will tell us there's a God who is all knowing and all pervading,

who created us - in His image. (to His design)

Maybe He had a plan and steered evolution along, just nudging a planet here

and tweaking a beak there.

Whatever, I don't know, and I doubt if any 'normal' human being knows either.

So what do we know?

The particular spiritual school I was educated in (The Emissaries of Divine Light) would say: "We know what we express" - and that works for me.

But I would add that we know what we experience, though it is subject to misinterpretation and projection.

My own studies and experience have led me to believe I have a power to influence events and change the future. And that is why I am writing this

today, 6th September 2015.

Most of us enjoy a mystery. Some enjoys thrillers. And others (not me) enjoy horror movies - as long as they are comfortably tucked up on the sofa!

Under the heading 'mystery' come 'intrigue' and 'conspiracy'. And it is undeniable

that in the past (if there is or was a past - ha) there have been cases of deception deliberately planned and executed - particularly well documented in the history

of wars, and inter-country struggles for supremacy (e.g. the space-race)

Some have been called False Flag operations. Another type of conspiracy we

are subject to is "Problem/solution" - they, someones, deliberately create a large problem. We are all told about this natural, or man-made problem. A solution

is offered, and we buy it. This often keeps the wheels of industry turning and the pockets of the masters lined, as well as guarantees their power to control.

Another subject of 'thrill' these days in movies is planet-sized disasters, and the

fact is we live with such events on smaller scale all the time, while discovering evidence that global catastrophe has indeed happened in the past and sometimes advanced civilisations have been wiped out.

I am laying all this out for us here because in 2 weeks time, on 23 and 24th Sept

2015, (Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere) we have predications of a

large event of unknown content. Youtube has many possible scenarios

laid out from CERN opening the gates of Hell, to a comet hitting the earth,

to the return of Jesus or the Rapture. Take your pick!

What, if anything, can we do to assist an outcome for good? And by good I mean one that we as humans, and all creatures, can enjoy and 'feel good' experiencing?

Firstly; I would say, be vigilant. Watch external events, remembering that what

we are told on the news is what 'someone' somewhere wants us to believe.

Secondly; Watch the weather and be thankful for it and speak to it appreciatively.

(I'm serious!) We so often curse the weather or depreciate it and that has an

effect on the future. The same with events we are shown on TV.

Watch with radiance and love. Send love to the situation.

Thirdly; Appreciate, and Trust, that by the light of your love - your loving

enfoldment of trust and the energy you put out, can and will have the maximum

effect for good that you can make.

And Fourthly, be aware of your interactions with others and look for or create opportunities to come together, in whatever ways that uplift, be it meditation, a church service, singing, dancing, sitting around a fire sharing stories under the stars. And that includes being aware of ones attitude towards other drivers, and people in your place of work and the shops as well of course as your own family and friends.

So that's my suggestion. Be alert, be aware, be a radiant beacon and know that

you are indeed, changing the future - by the seeds you sow each moment.

And actions follow thoughts, so watch you thoughts and monitor them.

This is how we change the future, and if Heaven can be brought to Earth,

this is how it is done.





New chapter

good place for a break!



We are beginning to recognize the need for acting together globally and responsibly.

The escalation of the use of energy and resources on a scale such as never before happened on earth (as far as we know) is indication enough that a major shift is OCCURRING RIGHT NOW. We are seeing the negative results of irresponsible or ignorant use of these resources yet at the same time we are becoming more aware of the results of our actions and the need for global agreements and monitoring.


Never before was the expression

"Think Globally - Act Locally"

so true and so much needed!


If all individuals did this, and all governments did this, we would have peace on earth
and an end to destructive exploitation and degradation of the planet.


What is different now is that our ability to communicate with each other has
also increased exponentially.
It is only 170 years since the invention of the telegraph.
Next came the telephone, then radio, TV, Ham radio,
CB radios and cell phones.

Our ability to record and share has also multiplied: vinyl records,
tape cassette, video tape, CD, DVD, MP3, MP4
and now we can share and download both audio and video via the internet!

Anyone, anywhere who has the facility to record and upload onto the web
 can broadcast either their truth or their lies.


Earth from the Moon


This calls for ‘discernment’ - the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff. It’s not easy.
There may be malevolent entities who influence or even inhabit human beings/bodies and who ‘channel’ wonderful sounding messages or who create fascinating web pages.
How can you tell whether such material is true or false?

The answer is within. Your own inner experience, whether focusing on such material truly makes you feel lighter and brighter, larger and expansive. Or whether it causes you to feel ‘less than’ and needy – in need of what ‘they’ are offering.

If you get ‘hooked’ into any one particular teacher or teachings, and this separates you from others, it is most probably not a true teaching.

True teachings EMPOWER you and help you to realise that you have much to offer others. You feel you want to share – your love – your compassion. Your willingness to ‘listen’ to others increases, your ability to ‘hold’ others who are struggling with some pain or trauma in their lives increases. You do not feel you have the only true path to enlightenment, but recognize that there are many paths and all may eventually reach the same goal.


We recognize that we have a mind and a heart. We think this and we think the other thing. We can easily get confused. But when we ‘FEEL’ something, we know that that feeling is true for us in that moment. However, feelings are triggered by thoughts and many such thoughts are subconscious.

Often, the first thing we are aware of is our ‘feeling’ about something. The thoughts seem to emerge afterwards, yet, in fact, there was a whole subconscious train of thought that went on at lightening speed, analyzing the input data and comparing it with previous input data. (a bit like a Google Search!)



Due to many centuries of conditioning we have ingrained in us certain concepts about good and evil which many 'modern' thinking people tend to dismiss, but maybe feel OK with the ideas of Light and Dark, or Higher and Lower VIBRATION.

The old ideas of good and evil bring up images of legions of angels descending from the clouds and horned black figures with red eyes and pitch forks tormenting evil doers in everlasting fires of Hell.




These images may be based in fact. I don’t know. I don’t even have an opinion. Fear and Love, pain and joy ARE experiences that I KNOW to be real. Naturally, we all want more joy and less pain. (see six basic human needs) And, if we are thinking caring people, we don’t feel THAT good even when we are in JOY and having a good time – because somewhere, in the back of our awareness, is the fact that many people and animals on the planet are suffering – right in THIS MOMENT NOW!


Jesus'(Jeshua's) baptism pictured with UFO beaming down.




What does that name mean to you? If you have a Christian background then it speaks of Jesus. If you have a Muslim background then maybe Mohammed. The TRUTH of all religions is obscured in the outer shells of stories, beliefs, rituals and traditions, often deliberately so, in order to empower the priests and disempower the masses.

Because of degrees of enlightenment which many have experienced since the end of the Second World War, many people have become disillusioned with the Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant. However, both are far from dead. Though I read somewhere that they are both struggling to attract new clergy to train.

People long for guidance, a leader, a sense of belonging, a system of belief offering hope for the future, either on earth or in the hereafter. Something, anything, with which to make sense of all the madness and suffering we see on earth.
Thus we have fundamentalists of all religions and cults who desperately want to believe and have reinforced by others, that they are on the path to salvation, ascension, enlightenment and a heavenly after life.

Many who have either joined a particular faith or path, or who have stuck to the one they were brought up in, may have a sense that there is ‘something’ true and something not quite right about the religion they are following. If nothing else, it may be just that the separation from others of different persuasions does not feel right or harmonious. In fact, as we all know, it can even lead to wars.
(Started by who though – not the man on the street!)


As it is in Heaven