Passage to a New World


".....Do we have a collective purpose? I believe we do. For a moment, let’s refer to our collective purpose as ‘The Dream’. The dream is that feeling that keeps us going when times are tough, that inspired thought that gives us hope, even when the world around us doesn’t quite ‘line up’ with what we know to be true.

"..... Your dream is real, and the others who represent your true family, those who are invested in the success of your dream are here…We are Here. Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, we are all in this dream, on the same wave, together.

"...... there are beings whose job it is to make sure that all the people who are here to bring the big dream we call “heaven on earth” into reality, get the guidance and connection they need to manifest their part of the dream. These beings assist us by guiding us through our intuitive/feeling center (heart), and giving us divine inspirations (inspired thoughts) that are relevant to our part of the dream.

"...... many of the ground crew are distracted by the noise of the system we have come here to transform.


+Elijah- Ray



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