....The Light is returning....

We live at a time where many technologies using light are being discovered (or re-discovered): Lasers for cutting, burning and healing; Fibre-optics for sending large quantities of undistorted information. Liquid crystal displays for our computers. Solar energy technology transforming light into heat and electricity.
Compact Discs: CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, MP4’s –
all use light to store and retrieve information.

My intention/wish is that this web will inspire US; promote further exploration and discovery and serve US on OUR journey of connecting to a deeper understanding of who I AM, who YOU are and why WE are here;  and facilitate the re-connection with each other and SOURCE that I believe is our destiny.

We are each a unique expression of light. We each have a birthright of a ‘cloak of light’ – but we each must find the ‘Lost Property’ office and claim it! Sometimes, even though we know in our hearts this is true, we still lack the courage to step forwards and claim it.

Forget your beliefs of unworthiness perhaps, for not having lived up to your own ideal standards. Think of these as cloaks you have now outgrown.
Just imagine yourself dropping them and stepping forwards to claim your birthright –

your cloak of many colours.

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