The New Identity

We have all experienced moments where events worked together in marvelous and elegant ways, where we were flowing easily and there was a feeling of power moving through us without our having to dominate or manipulate anything. Neither trying to get anything nor to push anything away.

Because these experiences are seen or analysed through our usual habits of thinking we may not notice the elements that were at play in allowing this magic to work.  The magic of which I write moves in us and surrounds us. It is very real, yet illusive and rarely acknowledged. 

Everywhere in the natural world are evidences of design, of a remarkable intelligence that fits everything together – from the migration of birds to the function of individual cells. The design of our own being is equally remarkable and includes dimensions, which in the usual course of events, we touch and experience only occasionally, and seemingly by chance. 

Who Are You?

Who has not a sense that he or she was in essence much greater, stronger and more beautiful than the personality that we live our lives through. Is this just a fantasy, or is it a deeper knowing, knocking at the door of our consciousness?

There is a yearning in the human soul for larger meaning, depth and vividness of experience, for full-spectrum expression of self, for genuine communion and accomplishment in relationships with others. There is an increasing sense that these longings are not fruitless and unrealistic, but are telling us what is possible and even natural. Magic of this kind is our birthright. We need only discover how to align with its working.
MIRACLES are at Hand, both around us and through us.

In this illusion we call Life on Earth, we appear to be here as separate human beings, we have thoughts and feeling, which we assume to be just our own – personal. But often, if we investigate, we will find that such thoughts and feelings are ’shared’ - that others, particularly those close to us, are having similar thoughts and feelings at the same time. Invisible currents connect us, and not only person to person, but also person to tree, animal, and even inanimate objects – or even the lack of them – such as an empty parking space! I’m sure many of you will recognise this. We have excluded the joy, the wonder the miraculous by our hard-heartedness and self-determinations - by belief in our Ego-selves.

But now the day is dawning that wonder may return. It is for us to now discover how to ‘allow’ the MYSTERY to work itself in our lives, how to open ourselves to this heritage of beauty and power, how to open ourselves to our deepest Truth.