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 Activate the harmonic resonant field.




by Rob Hitchings

I am changing
The world is changing
What once was - no longer is
A new world appears
From inside out

New friends, I never knew before
Emerge in miraculous ways.
A new web of trust and love is being spun.

Spirit is being honoured again on Earth
I hear the call within
It is time to live my truth
To love myself
Honour myself
To nurture myself
And this beautiful Earth

I have reached a turning point
There is no going back
The ground behind me
Was useful, but crumbles as dust
And no longer supports me.
Only the gentle step forward
Can be taken
Sensitively - yet with assurance
And increasing balance
And confidence

New friends and smiles
Are all the support that I need
And I am present for others and honour others
On their journeys as we enter this New Earth
Together, co-creating harmony.

I Feel the Earth tremble
In anticipation, Excitedly
Vibrating to a new song.

There are NO limits
Other than those I believe.
Healing can be instantaneous

So I sing praises to the Great Creator
And Dance with Joy for this amazing life
For my life is to be lived
Fully - now.

In The vibration of the ONE I AM
I command!
Let the New World appear!