From Darkness to Light

(the video is being re-edited and will be up again soon)

12 minute video - the story in pictures of my life so far.....0-65     Feb 2015

My original idea was to find one picture to represent every two years - but to convey a greater sense of the occasion for some years or events I have included more. I have also added some pictures of other people or places without me in them - to add depth and context or to honour those to whom I am indebted for my life or aspects of it.

Some years or periods are not well represented such as two years in Hogsback with only one picture of me with the Three Sisters (mountains) behind me, however many fine friends were made there and gatherings shared.

The seven year period of work in Africa and Asia shows pictures only from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Sri Lanka and India, whereas I actually worked in twelve countries, thirteen if you start with Iran in 1976 represented by the water-pumping windmill that I built there, together with my then wife Alyson.

You may wonder why the face of an Indian woman appears, staring at you, right after Glastonbury Tor. This is Mother Meera. The reason it is here is that at that time, 1996, there was a crystal shop (and others) under the Tor, at the White Spring. In that shop I first saw this image. It really hit me at a deep level and I wanted to purchase a copy but it wasn't for sale.

A year later I was given several pictures of Mother Meera by Manya Grotepass  after seeing one on her car dash board at the Rainbow Fair in Knysna (which I helped to co-create) and in a releasing workshop run by the Lindwalls I had the experience of Mother Meera visiting me in a vision during my session with Manya.

Mother's pictures have always been with me ever since. In my diary, in my car, and on my wall. She has been a constant source of reminder of Divine Love, of my own divinity and bringing her to mind has helped me on numerous occasions.

This year, 2015, just before my 65 birthday, I finally got to meet her. Well - not meet her so much as bow before her, touch her feet and look into her eyes for a few personal seconds. A trip to London and a shared journey with Angel-la Thorne is what it took, and we both said we would go again when the opportunity arises.


Turning 65 has felt like a MAJORLY significant event. I have had to attend to several financial/legal issues that related to becoming eligible for some state pension and a tiny private pension, and part of this lead to me searching through many old files and diaries, and to finally ordering (as it was required) a copy of my divorce document from 35 years ago!

The trip to London
enabled me to re-visit my childhood home, at an address I always felt was significant: No7 Saint Mary's Crescent, Osterley. We were lucky, and the new owner, Pam, an Asian woman born in Kenya invited us in. She showed us the ladder that used to give access to the loft, installed by my dad, and not seen by me for 50 years. I touched it affectionately. It was a sacred moment.

Angela and I then took the pics you see of me with the go-cart - retracing an ancient path travelled by me with much joy many times in my early years. You'll see a picture inserted of my dad when he was a boy, pulling HIS go-cart.

So I was already on a high (and had a head-ache!) by the time we reached the venue for Mother Meera: Kenton Hall. We sat reading the instructions for how to move forward in rows and kneel before Mother to receive her Darshan and tears welled in my eyes as I anticipated this pending moment, after the 19 years since I first looked into her eyes in that photo under the Tor.


The picture of me and a group of mostly women on the Tor is of a group of us who had gathered to walk the labyrinth around the Tor. This would have been the same visit to Glastonbury as when I saw Mothers Picture. It might even have been the same day! We had to walk the path back and forth on terrace tracks around the Tor until we got to the place where it is said the energy goes within - to the underworld - this is by a large bolder and a hollow on the side of the hill. Then a week later we would re-meet there and walk the path out again.


This video does not attempt to cover every aspect of my life - there are many missed out, such as life-changing workshops, shamanic rituals, architectural metal-working in Johannesburg or building a house, making drums, marimbas and restoring furniture in Knysna.

It covers the main essence that I feel runs throughout - that of brotherly love, togetherness, sharing and community. A sense of mission, of the sacred, of a desire to bring joy and illumination; and a sense of creativity, of instigation and vision for what is possible.

Others have at times not shared my vision sufficiently to go on with it and as a result I have lost many dear friends - which as you may imagine has been very painful. However, I seem to have a knack of bouncing back time and again, such that I can almost rely on that to see me through the hard times!


At 55 I felt, "Enough already!" "I have lived about seven lives in this one, I am tired and ready to go home any time.".... But here I am ten years later still here, still visioning and still making sense of the journey.

I hope that in sharing this video it will inspire some of you to take a review of your own life too and to celebrate the good times and understand perhaps more of the tough ones and see where perhaps you have grown stronger and less dependant on another person being there to whom one felt very attached.


At the very start of the video you see a picture of lightening. If you look closely you will see there is a barbed wire fence at the bottom. When I noticed that I was going to remove the barbed wire (Photoshop) but then I thought "How appropriate" We are emerging out of a period of darkness where for example my own father and his father before him fought in the two world wars which that barbed wire can symbolise.

It is my world view (shared by many of my friends I believe) that we are emerging into the light. We are like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. I would say we have not got our wings out yet and it is a painful and confusing time. The old structures still hold and restricts us, yet we want to be free, we are compelled to struggle and wriggle until we are.

When we are finally free the old structure will cease to have any meaning to us and we will be able to fly freely.

Bring it on I say!