Vs.4) "And I looked [up into the heavens], and saw a whirlwind come from out of the north; an immense cloud that was surrounded by brightness and fire flashing forth continuously in a circle, and in the middle of which there was something that looked like a round amber metallic object.

5) And from out of the middle of the fire there came what looked like four living creatures. This was their appearance; they had [within them] the form of a man
6) but each of them had four faces and four wings.
7) Their legs were rigid and the soles of their feet were [round and flat] like the sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like polished brass.
8) They each had a manlike hand [that was capable of opening and closing] under their wings on each of their four quadrants; and they each had their four faces and their four wings.
9) Their [upper and lower] wings coupled-together [as a double-convex saucer], and when they moved they did not turn their wings to either side; they just moved straight forward
[in any direction].
10) As for the likeness of their faces, they each had a humanlike face of a man in front, the face of a lion on the left quadrant, the face of an ox on the right quadrant, and the face of an eagle in the back.
11) Their wings bisected [horizontally] from the top and two wings covered their bodies: and two wings of each joined one to the other

12) And they moved straight forward: wherever the Spirit desired to go, the living creatures moved and, [in so doing], they did not turn [tilt their wings from a horizontal position].
13) As for the likeness of the living creatures, they looked like, [amber-coloured] burning coals of fire that had lights within them that flashed forth intermittently and the fire was bright, and from the fire there came forth [what appeared like] flashes of lightning.
14) And the living creatures darted back and forth [through the heavens] like flashes of lightning, without turning their wings [to either side] as they moved.
15) And as I looked, one of the living creatures landed/stood on the earth, and behold, [whereby I then perceived it as being] a wheel [was fastened] on the side of the four-faced living creature.
16) The appearance of the wheels and their construction was like the [sparkling, amber] color of [the gemstone] Tarshish; and they each had the same [circular] shape: and their appearance and their operation was as if there were a [spinning] wheel in the middle of a [larger] wheel. [see 10:2,6,13]
17) And when they moved [through the heavens], they moved in any direction and in so doing, they did not turn their wings [from a horizontal position] as they moved.
18) As for their [circular, hollow backs [which looked like rings or rims] they were tall and awesome, and were encircled with [round] eyes [like ports].
19) When the living creatures moved, the wheels [which joined to their side] moved beside them. And when the living creatures lifted up from off of the earth, the wheels also lifted up beside them.
20) Wherever the [angelic] Spirit desired to go, and the wheels rose along with them, for there was a living Spirit inside of the wheels.
21) When the living creatures moved, the wheels moved; and when the living creatures stood still [hovered] the wheels also stood, because there was a living Spirit inside of the wheels [who piloted them].
22) And there was something that looked like an awesome, clear glass dome that spread-out over the heads of the living creatures.
23) And under the dome their wings were horizontal, the one [extended at an angle] towards the other; each of them had two wings that covered their [central, hollow] bodies on the one side [quadrant], each one had two wings that covered [concealed from view] their bodies on the other quadrant.
24) And when the living creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, which was like the sound of roaring water, like the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, like the tumultuous sound of an army: and when they stood [landed] upon the earth, they ceased their wings [from making the sound they made while in flight].


Vs. 2) And he spoke to the man clothed in linen and said, 'go within the spinning wheel, under the cherub.
Vs. 6) When he commanded the man clothed in linen, saying: 'go within the wheel, underneath the cherubim', then he went in and stood within the spinning wheel.
Vs.7) And the cherub opened his hand from within the cherubi..
Vs. 8) The cherubim appeared to have a man-like hand under their wings.

Did the biblical prophet Elijah really, by means of the very same "whirlwind" that Ezekiel describes, literally "ascend into the heavens in a fiery chariot?"


*Each of the chariot's anatomical parts occupies a normal anatomical location and related anatomical function, unless otherwise stated in the text. There is one exception, which relates to the "encircling eyes" that are located within the chariot's "back."

The Head
The chariot's head-portion consists of a dome that is made of a clear, crystal-like material and occupies the chariot's superior-most position. It is part of the chariot's top-mounted, composite dome, the crystal head of which serves as a rotating, navigational dome.

The Four Faces
Three of the four faces are insignias that are part of a circular ring-like unit that connects superiorly to the clear domed head, occupying the chariot's mid-portion, and inferiorly with stationary, hollow and arched back. The face identified as "the face of a man", or "human face", is of the chariot's angelic pilot, who sits in the chariot's navigational dome.

The Back (rings/rims)
The arched, hollow back occupies the lower part of the chariot's composite dome. It is encircled by eyes, which confirms the fact that it is also circular. The encircling eyes are explained below.

The Eyes
The eyes surround the chariot's hollow, arched back. The eyes are round and function as ports for looking out from the chariot's hollow, top-mounted dome.

The Wings
The wings give the chariot its overall circular or wheel-like shape. The chariot has two horizontal wings on each of its four quadrants that extend at an angle, the one towards the other thus connecting together at the distal point. The wings are for flight.

The Wheel in the middle of the wheel
The greater wheel references the chariot's overall shape, which is circular like a wheel. The wheel in the middle of the greater wheel is a spinning, turbine-like wheel, which functions as the chariot's propulsion system.

The Body
The body is the hollow, central portion of the chariot that is concealed by two horizontally-extended, connecting wings that present on each of the (circular) chariot's four quadrants and, like the composite dome, is an inhabitable part of the chariot. The opening hand that is located "under their wings on their four quadrants", the function of which is established below.

The Legs
The legs are straight and unbending, and provide support for the chariot while standing on the ground. Thus, they are incapable of movement or "walking" on the ground. The four legs are positioned underneath the chariot's wings and are attached to the chariot's body-portion which is "covered" on all four quadrants by the "two covering wings." The legs are made of a polished amber-coloured metal that are likened to highly polished brass.

The Feet
The feet are round and flat, like that sole of a calf's foot, and are made of the same material as the legs. Their round, flat, bevelled shape provides the chariot the ability to stand in a level position on the ground.

The Hand
The opening and closing hand is located under the chariot's wings and functions as an entrance into its hollow, central body

This references the angelic spirit/s, inhabitant/s, or living beings that are stated in the biblical text to be located "inside of the wheel." It also references the "face of the man."

Ezekiel's angels

The Spirit of the Living Creature