Entropy: The second law of thermodynamics states that:
"…energy tends to flow from where it is localized or concentrated
to where it is spread out or diffused….”
In other words ‘Entropy’ is the process whereby things, left to themselves, become more random, more chaotic and not more organised or complex. However, even for things to fall apart, it takes an input of energy. (my definition: energy without intelligence will tend to self-destruct)

Science Proves God

There is no logical or scientific reason why inert dust should start to organise itself into living cells. Living cells cannot create themselves without a blueprint, a plan, a design.
Such a blueprint exists: We call it DNA.

Where does DNA come from? There is currently no answer to this.
Some scientists have used logic to prove the existence of “Intelligent Design” What that Intelligent Design is they are not saying, but, they argue, it must exist. They have examined the inner structure of the basic cells of living organisms and found such complexity of a type they call “Irreducible complexity”, that they argue, there must be an unknown Intelligent Designer”: behind it.

“Intelligent Design” creates
“Entropy” Destroys or breaks down

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The light from one candle can be seen for many miles.
In a dark room even one candle is enough
to clearly see your way.

I am not, on this website, going to go far down the road of psycho-analysis or “personal growth”. There are many great websites to guide you on these matters. However, in order not to be dismissed as “New Age” all “Love and Light” “Fluffy Bunny” I include here this short section to illuminate the reader that I DO have knowledge and experience of the Dark Side – of myself and of others; of seemingly negative human nature characteristics: of fear, greed, anger, jealousy, envy grief, pain and suffering.

The shadow of a tree can provide welcome respite from a hot burning sun, but a totally darkened room is not much use for sighted people to live in and will not support life.

Scientists have now discovered that at the cellular level of all living things – plants, animals, humans, cells emit photons – light. Flashes and pulses not dissimilar to an electric storm with lightening flashing across the clouds.

The lighting of a candle immediately creates shadows. What are shadows? They are the absence of light. Take a light into a shadow and where did the shadow go? It did not exist! It was the absence of light.

Shaddow Self
People do all kinds of things to themselves and to each other which cause pain and suffering. Sometimes intentionally, often unintentionally. It is as if we are run by an invisible programme – to respond to certain triggers in certain pre-determined ways. Psychologists will tell you about how these programmes are installed at birth or in our early years. Some will go as far as saying even pre-birth or in previous lives. (personally I accept this)

Soul Retrieval
Hundreds of methods are available to unlock these programmes, and techniques such as NLP and EFT Can be very effective. Some which I have personally used and found helpful are: Holotropic Breathing.
The Life Training (now Landmark Forum). Self-Esteem Enhancement (SEE).
The Work (Byron Katy - one of my favourite GURU's). The Tool (Jan Wiess).
Radical Rituals (After Malidoma Some') Dance, singing and drumming.

These are characters which many of us will recognize from fairy tales. They go by different names in different cultures. King (Sovereign), Lover, Warrior, Teacher, Healer, Visionary, Magician, and each have their shadow counterpart: Pauper, hater/oppressor/tyrant, weakling/victim, fool, sickling, short-sighted, black magician or witch.
I recommend reading these short books: “A little book on The Human Shadow”, by Robert Bly and “Owning your own shadow” by Robert a Johnson. The Tarot cards also depict these human archetypes.

Moth to the Flame
When a moth is drawn to a candle flame it cannot help itself. It may flutter around it for a while, dwelling perhaps a while longer in the dark, but sooner or later it will touch the flame and get burnt. If it does not die instantly and survives with enough wing left to fly it may have learnt something and fly off again into the dark – preferring the dark to certain death.

Some people when they encounter the light for the first time feel pain, may get burnt, and may fly away. If the person is sufficiently motivated, they may find a guide or a path to enable them to proceed to the light without diving straight at it and getting burnt up all at once. It is the ego really that gets burnt. Ultimately, however, the human ego will either dominate or have to die.

Definiton of Ego
The Ego is the sense of the ‘separate self’. A separate self is vulnerable, weak, alone, cut off from others and so has to be constantly on the defence, constantly re-affirming itself to itself and to others. The separate self is always needy. Always needs validation and comfort. The ego is easily manipulated by fear, greed and the promise of satisfaction though any of the lower senses. Hence, TV news and advertising can easily keep people distracted and controlled…..and the other aspect of TV is just the false sense of connection to others and to ‘artificial reality’ through soap operas, detective stories, movies etc. Drama, excitement and intrigue – all in comfort of your own home. Make yourself a cup of tea, some popcorn, put your feet up, and watch the world of make believe, or watch the results of the human egos ‘out there’ as the world falls apart. That falling apart is already on your doorstep - become pro-active in your own destiny……