The end of the illusory world is at hand; within reach,
available now.

We are walking through the door together
Remembering our selves
Awakening ourselves
Knowing ourselves
Our Mind Creates our World”
(Blue Star)

I don’t see how my life can possibly ever be the same again. No more blaming others for my bad luck or failed relationships. No more victim mentality. I will be taking with me the realisation that I CREATE MY WORLD  in each and every moment. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I don’t see how I could ever return to the way I used to see things. Thanks to all of you; the community here, and each one of you special ones who have been on the journey with me; I take each and every one of you with me in my heart.”
(Donna; chapter 49)

“The Divine pattern, the Divine plan, establishes a means by which the end of the world of self activity can come for any human being at any time. The end of the world can come for you in any moment when you yield and respond to God. The end of the old world of uncertainty, of misery, of futility, of frustration, can come at any time that you let it be so.” (Uranda 1952)
You can play, fight, complain, blame or love as much as you choose, but there will be consequences. It’s the game you set up. What you’ve got is what you chose. To move on – choose it. The trick is to find your path, and to stay on it! Stig and Donna are just starting out. Rogan and Aleifr have travelled further along the road. Together they are walking through the door…..

“Behold, when ye are entered into the Holy city, (the new consciousness) there shall a man meet you ‘bearing a pitcher of water’... follow him into the house where he entereth in.” This is clearly an astrological reference to Aquarius, the water-bearer. Who I wonder, will stand out as having been the New Messiah who brought in the Aquarian Age?

Robert Hitchings’ background of 15 years practical development work in Africa and 14 years living in Spiritual Communities based on Uranda’s teachings, in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa are a fabulous foundation for this unusual work, making it both esoteric and down-to-earth. Robert facilitates seminars on Sacred Geometry and Co-creating the New Earth. He currently lives in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

This book is the first of a trilogy - plus workbooks and DVD on co-creating the New Earth


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This book is the first of a trilogy. Anyone who presses on through any resistance during the first few chapters will get totally addicted and won't want to put it down until they've finished. And then they'll be ready for book II

"As it is in Heaven"

Read Book One now: Meet the characters: Get a feel for the material and the flow of the narrative. Follow their adventures, and their unfolding journeys ever onwards and upwards - one step at a time, as the lights come on and the veils fall away.

We are walking through the door together.....